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Exclusive .10c Savings Offer

This Exclusive Offer is only available to a limited number of animal clinics receiving the postcard.  If your clinic owns multiple locations and the other clinics did not receive this notice, the additional clinics are also eligible.

SAVE On Rising Postage Cost

The USPS has just raised postage rates and the cost of postage for a postcard increased by .04c.  With this Exclusive Offer you can SAVE .05c ON EACH POSTARD  you send.

This Pricing Valid Through 1/1/2024!

Full-Color Reminder Postcards

SAVE .05C ON EACH PRINTED POSTCARD. Our full-color reminder postcards get attention!  Print media is still the most effective form of communicating with your clients!!  Long after a text or email message has been forgotten, a printed postcard reminder remains visible.

Use on of our stock postcards, personalized with your company logo, or use your own photos and/or logo and we'll design an postcard just for you - no additional cost for a custom card design.

Generate Your Reminder Data File

Most Office Management Software (AVImark, etc.) will generate a reminder data file and copy that file to your computer hard drive.  Email that reminder file to Pawprint Reminders and we will merge the reminder data onto your postcards.  Click HERE to download a PDF that details how to generate your reminder file using the AVImark software.  If you do not use AVImark, check with your software vendor - the process should be similar!

Contact Us

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Service Description & Order Form

Click the PDF icon to the left to open the Exclusive Offer Description and Order Form.  Complete the form and save it or print it.  Next, either fax the printed form to Pawprint or email the saved copy and we will contact you .

Fax the completed copy to (800) 856-1910 

Email the saved PDF file to 

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