Unlimited Reminder Postcard Subscription Plan

Clinics that send 350 or more reminders each month may find that the subscription plan is more economical rather than paying the individual standard postcard price.


The Pawprint Subscription Plan allows you to send unlimited reminders for the $89 monthly subscription price plus postage. 


For example:

Sending 500 reminders each month with the standard postcard price of .30¢ per card plus postage is $330 vs. the subscription plan pricing of $269 - a $61 savings!

With the Subscription Plan you also may send seasonal reminders, such as heartworm or dental cleaning campaigns.  You still only pay the postage.


To help grow your practice, you may also choose to send large New Mover postcards to those who are new to your area.  According to the 2019 US Census, 9.8% of all Americans move during the year.  The New Mover postcard will introduce them to your practice.  With the Subscription Plan, the New Mover postcards are .25¢ plus postage.  The additional fee covers the larger postcard and the New Mover data that we secure from one of the nations largest Mover List providers.   

The subscription plan does require a 6 consecutive month commitment and will auto-renew at the end of that 6 month period unless you cancel the service as set forth in the Service Agreement.

Questions?  Reach out to us at (256) 882-3809 or email

See the Subscription Service Agreement PDF below for details.